Alcoa® wheels , your partner since 1948
Alcoa® wheels is a product brand of Arconic

1886 - Charles Martin Hall makes the first small globules of aluminium, leading to the foundation of Alcoa® wheels ® wheels in 1888, today the world's leading producer of aluminium.
1948 - Alcoa® wheels invents the first forged aluminium truck wheel.
1978 - Alcoa® wheels introduces the first aluminium wheels in Europe.
2006 - Alcoa® wheels sells the first Dura-Bright® wheels with XBR® technology in Europe.
2013 - Alcoa® wheels launches the next generation Dura-Bright® EVO wheels in Europe.

When our customers buy Alcoa® wheels for the first time, it is for specific reasons: weight saving, unrivalled forged strength, great looks or easy maintenance. When using the wheels, they discover other advantages, encouraging them to choose Alcoa® wheels . These benefits range from improved fuel economy, longer lifetime of the brakes and suspension, less tyre wear, to extra driver's comfort.
Customers know Alcoa® wheels understands their business and they rely on us to develop innovative solutions.


Your benefits, our commitment

Alcoa® wheels are forged from one solid block of aluminium. They withstand the most severe tests. That is why Alcoa® wheels grants a  ve year unlimited mileage warranty.
Compared to steel wheels, they are:

• up to 42 % saving per wheel, depending on the wheel size
• between 228 and 394 kg weight saving per truck/trailer combination
• increased payload
• driver comfort

More profitable
• reduced fuel consumption
• better heat dissipation
• less tyre wear
• increased life time of brakes
• increased life duration of suspension
• no need for repainting or wheel covers
• longer service life (up to 20 years)

Better looking
Alcoa® wheels aluminium wheels greatly improve the look of your vehicles.

• unrivalled forged strength
• 4 times stronger than steel
• corrosion resistant

More environmentally friendly
• aluminium is 100% recyclable
• reduced CO₂ emissions thanks to lower weight and fuel economy

Strong sales network and after sales support
Only Alcoa® wheels are made in Europe and available on short notice at all truck, trailer and bus manufacturers. To service the aftermarket, Alcoa® wheels keeps suffi cient stocks to distribute via a wide network of distributors in every country. Our sales representatives are only a phone call away. They can be found on www.alcoawheels.com.

Alcoa® wheels fit your business

Alcoa® wheels forged aluminium wheels are available for all commercial vehicles: trucks, trailers, coaches and city buses

The tanker segment is the most weight sensitive segment and return on investment for Alcoa® wheels can be achieved in one to two years. Thanks to the forging process, Alcoa® wheels are extremely strong and impact resistant. This is a valuable asset in the transport of dangerous goods. When transporting liquid food, a clean image is a must. Tankers are expensive trailers, with a service life of over 15 years. Alcoa® wheels are also known to last that long.
Solid Bulk
Whether you are transporting cereals, potatoes or sugar beets, your payload will increase with approximately 250 kg with Alcoa® wheels . This allows you to increase your revenue per trip. Container Chassis Container chassis are weight sensitive when carrying tanker or bulk containers.
In construction, fi ve trips a day are not an exception. Imagine you can load each time an extra 250 kg; that adds up to around 1250 kg a day. Return on investment is achieved quickly. On top, Alcoa® wheels are 4 times stronger than steel and off er a high impact resistance, which makes them most suitable for construction vehicles.
General Cargo
General cargo fl eets specify Alcoa® wheels for the increased fuel economy. Looks are also important to this segment. Vehicles are a transport company's business card and need to look their very best. Shiny Alcoa® wheels give your vehicles a classy look. Community vehicles Today Alcoa® wheels are also the preferred choice of several cities for waste collection vehicles, fi re trucks etc...
When hauling frozen food, weight plays a considerable role. Even for less weight sensitive goods like fruit, vegetables and fl owers, fl eets prefer Alcoa® wheels because of the clean image.
Buses and coaches
Alcoa® wheels are popular for buses and coaches, not only for weight saving reasons, but also because of their classy look. With Alcoa® wheels , the coaches do not need wheel covers, which are often lost and expensive to replace. Especially popular for coaches are the easy-to-clean Dura-Bright® wheels. An increasing number of European cities are specifying Alcoa® wheels on city buses.
In other industries, such as mining and logging, Alcoa® wheels are used in the most extreme conditions. Weight saving, strength and impact resistance are key factors.

Offering you innovative solutions

Our FrontRunner®

For a robust look. Available in 120 & 135 mm off set. Also suitable for trailer axles.

Our medium duty wheels

We off er a wide range of 17.5 and 19.5 wheels for trucks and trailers.

Our 22.5 x 17.00 drive axle wheel

We follow new trends in the transport industry.


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  • Wheel Service Manual
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  • Service Manual for Alcoa® wheels
  • Additional Maintenance for Dura-Bright® Alcoa® wheels
  • Our Dura-Bright® EVO wheel

    For easy maintenance. The only surface treatment that cleans with soap and water.

    Our Dura-Flange® wheel

    For longer service life under extreme conditions.

    Our WorkHorse® wheel

    Suitable for construction vehicles and when a higher maximum load rating is needed.